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Dog Vaccinations

Our policy is to use targeted vaccinations to ensure as many dogs as possible are vaccinated against the major canine killer diseases present in the UK These are Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Leptospirosis. These constitute the basic vaccinations which are given to puppies from 6 weeks old and completing at 10 weeks, boostered at one year and then every 3 years, however leptospirosis MUST be given every 12 months. We recommend vaccinations against Kennel Cough (infectious bronchitis) from puppyhood and boostered annually (this is given by drops placed in the dog’s nose).

If you are considering going abroad with your dog you will need Rabies vaccination at least 21 days prior to going (for some non EU countries this may vary) . If you are likely to be going to southern Europe then consider Leishmaniasis vaccination as well).

Cat vaccinations

Our policy is to target vaccinate as many cats as possible to reduce the incidence of feline infectious diseases. Cats are generally given protection from Cat Flu, Feline enteritis and Feline Leukaemia (Felv). Vaccinations can be tailored to your cat’s life style (indoors only or a cat with access to outdoors may need a different protocol). We aim to ensure full protection with the minimal number of  vaccines, for example feline enteritis is only used every third year after the first full booster has been given.

Going abroad then youir cat will need a Rabies vaccination.

Rabbit Vaccination

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